Folding Fans & Fan Pouches
Thank you for being a FAN of our folding fans for 9 years! We really appreciate it. Unfortunately, we are now sold out of all folding fans. Our supplier for the fans has closed their doors, and we will no longer be selling these marvelous folding fans.

We do still have fan pouches, though, and they are available for purchase through the
Tiger Torre Art Square Store.

We will no longer be restocking colors - once we are out, we're out!
The fan pouches are not available at the MD Ren Faire booth; they must be purchased through the Square store and shipped to you.
Cloth Fan Pouches with belt loops:
These fan pouches are designed and sewn to hold 13” folding fans conveniently at your side.

Each regular belt loop pouch is 16-17” tall including the belt loop.

They are made in a variety of colors, fabrics and trims. Individual fan pouches may vary in exact color or trim width.

The belt loops fasten with hook & loop tape for expediency in hanging the pouch from your belt, strap, or bodice lacing.

These pouches can also be used to hold drumsticks, magic wands, bodhran tippers, roses, and more.
Shipping Note: From the middle of August through early November, orders will ship out on Tuesdays though Fridays.
Fan Pouches in Wine Purple, Red, Brown Speckled Tan, Navy Blue, and Sage Green,
Thank you for visiting Tiger Torre Art.
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